2021 Ice-in was recorded as 12/7/21. Total 2021 summer water days were 246 days with the average amount of days of water being 234.

My 2022 summer Ice-out calculations are figured as follows:

As of last year data, the average amount of elapsed days to ice-out after New Years Day is 130.962 days, which equates to an ice-out date of 4/21/22 @ 2:46 AM. (This is probably the best computation as it's based on the calendar.)

As of last year data, the average amount of ice days after the previous ice-in date is 130.962 days, which based on the ice-in date for 2021 (12/7/21) equates to an ice-out date of 4/17/22 @ 3:05 PM.

An absolute average of these dates would be 4/19/22 @ 8:55 AM. Science, Al Gore and John Kerry have nothing to do with this, it is merely numbers. When God decides on ice-out, it will happen, and the Cardinals will announce it via the Knottlane Sap Shack smoke. AOC and the left will then declare that the early or late date is due to climate change!

Average Days of ice , as of 2020 130.962

Average Ice-out Date is: April 21

Average Days of water, as of 2021 234.249

Average Ice-in Date is: December 11 

aLf, predicts 2022 ICE-OUT on 4/8/22 @ 9:09 AM.

Ice dates are a consortium of Lake Lucerne Cardinals: Shirley Ratty, Meg, Andy, aLf - (Cardinal-Emeritus) and other Loons & Loonies.
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