2018 recorded Ice-out as 5/8/18 @ 2 PM, 28 days later than average. It should be noted that it still was not the longest winter. The winter of 2013-2014 brought 11 days more ice due to the early ice-in the previous year. The record ice-out still remains as May 10th in 1996.

My 2018 Winter Ice-in calculations are figured as follows:

As of 2017, the average amount of elapsed days to ice-in after New Years Day is 345.371 days, which equates to an ice-in date of 12/12/18.

As of 2017, the average amount of water days after the previous ice-out date is 235.509 days, which based on the ice-out date for 2018 (5/8/18) equates to an ice-in date of 12/30/18.

An absolute average of these dates would be 12/21/18 @ 5:34 AM. There is nothing scientific about this, it is merely numbers. When God decides on ice-in, it will happen, and the Cardinals will announce it via the Knottlane Sap Shack smoke. The Cardinals will then drink a shot of Sake in anticipation of the long winter to come!

Average Days of ice , as of 2018 130.609

Average Ice-out Date is: April 20

Average Days of water, as of 2017 235.509

Average Ice-in Date is: December 12 

aLf, predicts 2018 ICE-IN on 12/12/18 @ 2:09 PM.

Ice dates are a consortium of Lake Lucerne Cardinals: Shirley Ratty, Meg, Andy, aLf - (Cardinal-Emeritus) and other Loons & Loonies.
In 2017, the Knottlane Cardinals were awarded the highly sought after Lake Lucerne loon pin of Excellence.

Thanks to The Knottlane Drone for keeping the gambling honest.